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About The RAS

Our Committees

RASWA’s contribution to the Western Australian community ranges in diversity from the judging of livestock at the IGA Perth Royal Show, educating children on where their food comes from to the coordination of the Agricultural Hall of Fame. Responsibility for the Society's broad-ranging initiatives is largely in the hands of the RAS Sections and its Committees and operate under the guidance of the Council and management team.

RASWA Councillors, working together with community volunteers and the RAS Competition & Event Coordinators, head a large number of specialist committees responsible for promoting, developing and managing particular areas of the RAS.

A large proportion of RASWA committees are focused on rural endeavours related to the IGA Perth Royal Show. The following Section Committees manage IGA Perth Royal Show activities and competitive events, working to promote rural WA at the Show.

  • Aged Care 
  • Art
  • Agricultural Colleges and Schools (including Farm Skills)
  • Beer 
  • Bread & Pastry Cooking 
  • Cats 
  • Cattle – Beef & Dairy 
  • Cattle – Trade 
  • Cavy 
  • Creative Crafts & Cookery 
  • Dairy Products 
  • District Displays 
  • Dogs 
  • Floral Design 
  • Governor's Cup 
  • Heritage
  • Horses Breed, Horses in Action, Showjumping
  • Photography 
  • Pigeons and Poultry 
  • Rabbits 
  • Rural Community Achiever Award 
  • Rural Ambassador Award 
  • Sheep (including Prime Lamb) 
  • Sheep Dogs 
  • Sheep Shearing 
  • Tom Wilding Pavilion (includes Alpacas, Pigs and Dairy Goats) 
  • Wine 
  • Wood Chopping 
  • Wool 
  • Young Judges 
  • Youth

RASWA also coordinates the following educational exhibitions and events:

  • Animal Nursery
  • Arena & Entertainment 
  • Discover Dirt
  • Farm 2 Food
  • Farmtech
  • FarmED
  • IGA Follow the Yellow Brick Road
  • Grains and Pulses
  • Olive Oil
  • Milking Station
RASWA has committees for the Agricultural Hall of Fame, Membership, Agricultural Societies Liaison, Corporate Governance and Strategic Planning & Project. These committees operate under the guidance of the RASWA Council and are critical contributors to the success of the Society.