Gabriel Chocolate

September 12, 2017

After the excitement of the Perth Royal Chocolate Awards, one of our winners had an even better day being able to share his news on a larger scale!

On the same day of the Perth Royal Chocolate Awards announcements that saw Gabriel Chocolate take out the 12 gold and 1 silver of 14 classes of the Bean to Bar category and overall Champion of Bean to Bar!

Creator Gabriel himself was in Papua New Guinea spending time with the farmers who grow the cocoa beans for his business.

Gabriel coincidentally was at the exact cocoa farm in Papua New Guinea that grows his beans when he rang about the Royal Food Awards. He knew that his award-winning beans had been sourced from farm 401 as they all have registration numbers to abide by regulation.

After finding out about the winnings he talked to the agricultural advisor Normal to enquire about who Farmed 401. Much to Gabriel’s surprise the Farmer standing next to Normal was the man who Farmed 401!

Gabriel stated that “He had a smile a mile wide when I told him that chocolate made from his beans he grew had won a Gold Medal 5000km away!”

Gabriel is thrilled and believes “this farmer will inspire other local farmers to grow good beans, this will continue to help trade which in turn helps the product and quality of what is trying to be produced”.

Gabriel Chocolate is the first Western Australian chocolate makers to bring the original beans into Western Australia to make their chocolate from scratch. The Perth Royal Chocolate Awards are to recognise the growth of Western Australia’s chocolate industry, showcasing the highest quality chocolate in the State. Gabriel Chocolate is one of the leading chocolate makers in Western Australia.

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