RASWA President, Mr Paul Carter

For Paul Carter, The Royal Agricultural Society of WA has been an ever-present feature of his life.

His father, Peter Carter, a long-time member of the society, had been a councillor and ringmaster at the Perth Royal Show for several years before taking up the position of president in 1984.

Inspired by his father’s role in shaping the society, Paul has amassed close to 30 years of service as a volunteer, including the overseeing of everything from floriculture, horse breeding, pigeons and poultry to 11 years as ringmaster for the Main Arena.

His appointment to the RASWA Council in 1994, at just 31 years of age, made him the youngest councillor in the society’s long history. He is also the youngest president to ever hold the role, being appointed at the age of 53.

Paul’s focus throughout his presidency has been on utilising the Perth Royal Show and the Claremont Showground as platforms for instilling an understanding and enthusiasm for agriculture and rural life in metropolitan WA – especially with young people. He has also focused on growing the Perth Royal Food Awards concept to establish a mark of excellence which celebrates the very best of WA food, drink and produce.

Paul lives in Perth with his wife Leanne with whom he has three children. His interests including hockey, boating and fishing. He also collects wine and is a keen traveller.




The Council has the overall responsibility for the conduct and business of the Royal Agricultural Society of WA (RASWA). Working in an entirely voluntary capacity, Councillors are responsible for the policy and general good conduct of RASWA. Past Presidents of RASWA also attend Council and take an active interest in the affairs of RASWA.

Councillors head a large number of corporate and specialist Perth Royal Show Section committees responsible for promoting, developing and managing RASWA and the presentation of the Perth Royal Show.


RASWA Vice President,            Mr David Thomas
Ms Natasha Atkinson
Mr Peter Gelmi
Mr Hugh Harding
Mrs Mary Nenke
Mrs Marie Redman
Mr Ken Walker

Honorary Councillors
Mrs Margaret Bannister
Mr Kevin Cahill OAM
Mr Peter Dring
Mrs Ellie Eaton
Mr Don Forrest
Mr Dudley Preston
Mr Ross Reading
Mr Malcolm Seymour
Mr John Tate
Mrs Shirley Thorn

RASWA Treasurer,                    Mr Dudley Elliott
Mr Don Boyle
Mr Don Chipper
Mr Leon Giglia
Mr Bill Keane
Dr Jo Pluske
Mr Harold Sealy
Mr Andrew Williams

Honorary Life Members
Mrs Margaret Bannister
Mr Kevin Cahill OAM
Mr Jeff Langdon
Mr Roy Pope
Lt General John Sanderson AC

Mr Deane Allen

Dr Catherine Bowen
Mr Tony Devitt
Mr Ian Gregory
Mrs Beth McDonnell
Dr Ross Rainbird
Mr John Snowball
Dr Rob Wilson

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