RASWA Foundation

The Royal Agricultural Society of WA (RASWA) established an educational and community foundation in July 2015 to develop new educational opportunities that will empower people to create a sustainable and productive future for agriculture, the Royal Agricultural Society of Western Australia (Inc) Education Foundation. The RASWA Foundation has an extensive list of scholarships and grants that supports the agricultural industry in Western Australia..

The RASWA Foundation is seeking support through donations.  We invite you to contact Sean Burke on (08) 6263 3110 sburke@raswa.org.au for more information or to make your Deductible Gift Recipient Status donation.


Bendat Family Foundation Scholarship

The Agricultural Youth Scholarship supported by the Bendat Family Foundation provides financial assistance for tertiary students studying an agriculture related discipline.

Year 11 Residential Agricultural College Scholarship

The RASWA Agricultural College Year 11 scholarship assists students boarding at residential agricultural colleges, supporting them in their endeavours in Year 12.

Wine Industry Scholarship

The Wine Industry Scholarship provides financial assistance for up to two years to a student undertaking tertiary study in a wine related discipline.

Advanced Wine Judges Scholarship

The Advanced Wine Judges Scholarship supports education in agribusiness and supports the development of excellence in the WA wine tasting sector.


RASWA also acknowledges our future leaders and outstanding contributors through the following awards:

Rural Ambassador Award

Rural Ambassador Award is about discovering the next generation of rural leaders, passionate young adults who can represent and promote their community, region and State.

Agricultural Hall of Fame

Agricultural Hall of Fame recognises the pioneers of the land – Western Australians, past and present – who have made outstanding contributions to the development and progress of Western Australian agriculture