2016 Winner – Sam Beech

Pictured: 2016 Bendat Family Foundation Scholarship Winner Sam Beech with RASWA President Dr Rob Wilson

Scholarship helps to lead the way

Sam Beech has won the prestigious $12,000 Agricultural Youth Scholarship awarded by the Bendat Family Foundation and The Royal Agricultural Society.

This 19-year-old former Great Southern Grammar School student grew up on his family’s South Western Frankland River farm taking full advantage of life on the land.

“From an early age I have been working on the farm driving machinery and handling livestock and I can’t see myself leaving the industry. The first reason being:  my love of the land and the wide open space.  The connection with nature you have in the industry is something that I value very highly.”

Sam’s passion for agriculture stems from his recognition that it is one of the “most honourable and oldest professions”.

“It is relied on to provide the food and fibre for the world and I find that quite humbling. I also think that it is a very exciting time in agriculture. The last 10 years has seen incredible advancements in not only technology but the demand for Australian commodities.

“Jobs in agriculture are becoming professions where a university degree is going to give me the best start in the industry. I am studying Commerce at the University of Western Australia (UWA), majoring in economics with a second major in agricultural science.  The way the industry is going with markets and global trading my thought is that economics will provide me with an understanding of not only how the economy works but also how different economies interact.

“I intend to spend time abroad during my degree and in the future I also intend to travel, maybe spending time in Chicago at the CME Group or another similar company. Through this I hope to gain a greater understanding of the markets and opportunities that are available. “

Gaining the scholarship has, according to Sam, been a wonderful opportunity.

“The extra financial support the scholarship gives me makes a huge difference and I really appreciate it. It gives me the ability to focus more of my time on my study so I can complete my degree to a high standard “says Sam.

“Being able to have a working relationship with the RAS will also have a positive impact on my future,” he adds.